Wound Care

Wounds require special care and attention to ensure a complication-free healing process. If you are wounded – perhaps due to an accident or medical procedure – you need the care of medical professionals trained and experienced in wound treatment and management.

How It Works

Dr. Barksdale will clean your wound and change its dressings, and oversee the healing process from start to finish. This includes monitoring your wound for symptoms or changes that could indicate infection or other healing impediments.

You may need professional would care if a doctor has referred you to a wound specialist or you otherwise have a wound or sore that has been slow to heal. Most skin wounds should improve significantly within a month and heal completely within two months. Contact a wound care doctor if you have a slowly progressing wound or a wound that is worsening or showing signs of infection.

If you have a wound, Dr. Barksdale will remove any dead or infected tissues and design a customized treatment plan that addresses the underlying complications preventing your would from healing. This process may take several weeks or months and may require periodic evaluation and adjustments to treatment.

Yes. You will be instructed on how to care for your wound at home, including the proper way to change the dressings on your wound and also protect it from injury.


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